What to bring to my appointment?

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What to bring to your Tax return appointment…

Simple Tax Return 

Rental properties 

Shares and Stocks


Most of the information that our accountants will need will already be linked to your MyGov or connected to your tax file number (TFN). And can be found through the ATO portals. 

Simple Tax Return

Please remember to bring your TFN to your appointment, if you are a new client.

The only other consideration you will need to be aware of is, what exactly you want out of lodging your tax return…

What you can claim and what you are owing.

Please Don’t stress out about this part as it’s only a consideration and not 100% necessary as Our friendly accountants can help you understand what you can claim.

Rental Properties

If you have rental properties and/ or shares, then please remember to bring your Tax file number as well (if you are a new client).


For rental properties there are a few documents and pieces of information our accountants will need, to understand your personal income and to lodge a tailored tax return.

Below is a small list with some of the documents you might want to consider if you have rental property:

Shares and Stocks

With shares, you will need to state a few details about the shares for the accountants to best categorize your personal income and craft a tax return the reflects your needs.


Listed below are a few key pieces of information that will need to be collected for your Tax return.

Checklist of information for Shares and Stocks

And if you have an ABN your personal tax return will also be impacted depending on the type of business or company you own.